A study suggests that daily nuts consumption reduces hypertension


Recent research suggests that peanuts and tree nuts can help lower your risk of hypertension. Nutrition experts discuss other benefits of daily nut intake and suggest ways to increase it.

About the Study

Based on food frequency questionnaires, this prospective study was conducted with Korean adults aged 40 and over.

Researchers looked at the cumulative peanut and tree nut intakes over the life span of the participants. They found a significant association between a weekly average of 15 grams of peanuts and hypertension.

The study shows that a small amount of peanuts and/or pinenuts per week may help prevent hypertension. This is especially true for this population. Nutrition experts agree that nuts and nut butter can provide additional benefits for a person throughout their lives.

Overcoming Fear of Fat

Monounsaturated fats such as peanut butter, tree nuts and peanuts are often celebrated for their heart-healthy benefits. Some nutrition experts believe that peanuts and nuts may have other benefits than their positive impact on your heart health. Nut consumption can also be beneficial when it is part of a weight-management strategy.

Diana Rodriguez, MSRD, CDN says, “The problem with this is that people tend to avoid high-fat foods because they believe eating fat will cause weight gain.” However, data continues to show a link between nut intake and weight change. This suggests that half a cup of nuts (including peanuts), can be used as a nutritious snack to prevent weight gain over the long-term.

Amber Trejo MS RDN, NASM – CPT reiterates the importance to overcome the fear of fats in nutrient dense nuts and nut butter. Nut butter and nuts can bring many benefits to one’s diet.

Trejo says, “If I had a dollar to save money for each time someone told me they can’t have peanut butter in their home because they fear that they will eat too much and gain weight,” Trejo adds. People tend to eat too much nut butter and nuts because they restrict their diets. This can cause weight gain and make people want to avoid these foods more.

Additionally, peanuts, such as those found in the MIND diet, and the Mediterranean diet are both well-studied for their positive effects on heart health.

Sherry Coleman Collins MS, RD and LD, states that peanuts are an important part of many of most well-researched healthy eating habits, such as the DASH diet, the MIND diet, or the Mediterranean diet.

Daily Nut Consumption

Experts agree that even though the latest data suggest that consuming just half an ounce of peanuts, almonds, or pine nuts per week may be beneficial for heart health, daily intake can have a host of benefits, including improved mindfulness.

Rodriguez says that eating nuts requires slowing down, as you chew them before swallowing. You are practicing mindful eating techniques by doing this.

It is important to remember that peanuts and similar foods can be beneficial for your family as early as possible. In the past, doctors advised parents not to introduce peanuts or tree nuts into their children’s diets.

Coleman Collins says that infant-safe peanut foods should have been introduced within the first year of life. For babies at high risk for peanut allergies, it is recommended that they be introduced as soon as possible (e.g., 4 to 6 months) to prevent them from developing peanut allergies. They should be maintained in the diet once they have been successfully introduced.

Trejo has a few tips for adults to help them incorporate the right amount of nuts into their daily lives. Split a portion of nut butter in half during the day, for example. In the morning, add 1 tablespoon peanut butter to your oats and 1 tablespoon to Greek yogurt in the afternoon.

You can also add slivered nuts to salads. Trejo states that the satiating fat will make you feel fuller and last longer. Pre-portioned snacks packs with nuts are also available.

Trejo says, “I love these snack packets because they fit in your pocket and make great midday snacks if you feel like you’re going to crash in the afternoon.”

Identifying Worthwhile Nut Trends

Trejo and Rodriguez both recommend caution when looking for nutrition and culinary advice via social media. Coleman Collins however, notes that certain trends can lead to an increase in nut consumption.

Trejo states that there are several ways to spot a TikTok trend. The biggest sign of a silly trend is when it contains the words “food” and “hack” next to each other. It is impossible to hack cooking techniques or food. It takes time to make good things. There are no shortcuts. This applies to food as well.

Rodriguez warns against quick fixes, videos that promote supplements and videos about “What I Eat in a Day”

She says, “The problem with these videos is they can lead viewers down the path to comparison and the desire for less than their bodies actually need.” “Everyone has different daily calorie requirements.”

Social media isn’t all misinformation and trickery. There are many useful ideas that you can find on social media to help you include more peanuts and tree nuts in your meal plans.

Coleman Collins says that social media is full of great ideas to use peanuts and peanut butter. “Some of my favorite ideas involve using every bit of peanut butter in the jar.”

Nuts and nut butter, along with other nutrients-rich foods, can increase your intake. Combining a familiar flavour with an unfamiliar food can encourage children and adults to try new foods.

Coleman Collins adds, “I had a colleague who used the phrase “peanuts makes the familiar exotic and the familiar familiar,”.” “It’s a saying that has stuck with me, and it reminds me of how the familiar taste of peanuts can open up culinary doors for people to try food they wouldn’t otherwise eat.”

She says that simple “ants on the log” with peanut butter can get children to eat vegetables such as celery. Food exploration doesn’t have to be limited to children. Peanut butter and peanut butter can open up new culinary possibilities for adults, as can dishes like African peanut stew or peanut butter noodles.

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