Blaqbonez Releases New Deluxe Album – “Sex Over Love”. Listen Here.

Blaqbonez whose real name is really Emeka Akumefule has dropped a new album which he has dubbed “Sex over Love”. This is the deluxe edition; he had already a released debut album in the same name. The album features some of his big hits like ‘Haba’, ‘Bling’, ‘fendi’. There are five (5) new feel-good shake your body tracks to enjoy too.


Some of you might know Blaqbonez as that crazy rapper with a septum piercing and weird hair that promotes his music with skits and social media antics, tricks and gimmicks. Well, we think he is more than that.  He has made several moves to cement himself as one of the top young generation rappers in Nigeria. A story has it that he kick started his rap career because he was making fun of a rap song he heard on the radio. His friend basically called him out in an do-am-if-e-easy way.

From breaking a studio microphone at the age of 15 to winning Terry Tha Rapman’s Zombie competition at the expense of 3000 other rappers in 2012, emerging first runner-up at Vector’s King Kong rap competition in 2015, and becoming Hennessy VS Class Captain in the same year we can say he has what it takes to be a superstar.

This new album has some banging tunes and we predict its going to do very well in the coming holidays. Listen here:

Tell us your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section. Do you think Blaqbonez himself has what it takes or its just the hype that comes with social media fame?

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