How to exercise at home


You may decide not to exercise at a gym for many reasons. Some people feel intimidated by a gym environment. Others may have difficulties with logistics or child care. Others want an exercise program they can do at home, while on the road or without access to a gym.

It can be difficult to figure out what you should do. This is especially true if you’re not used to exercising regularly or don’t know how to set up a home workout that will help your goals. Continue reading for strategies and tips to exercise at home .

You can use your body weight

Working out at home is easy using your own body. You can burn calories and build strength with a variety effective exercises. You can also do circuit training, which involves moving from one exercise to another without rest, to increase your heart rate and burn calories.

You can do strength training or cardio at home if you are working out with your body weight. Cardio should be done with intensity levels that vary.

You might try switching between a high-intensity move, such as jumping jacks or burpees , and a more easy one (such as marching to place). You can choose to do pushes, pulls and front-of-leg and back-of leg exercises for strength training.

For beginners, you might start with 10-30 seconds, 8-16 reps, or for intermediate or advanced exercisers, and then move on to the warmup. If you are a beginner or have limited time, do one circuit. For a more intense workout, do 2-5 circuits.

Invest in Versatile Equipment

You should consider purchasing fitness equipment if you plan to exercise at home regularly. Your budget and available space will determine what and how much equipment you add to your home gym.

It is important to choose home gym equipment that can be used for multiple purposes. Equipment that is only designed for a particular movement are less useful and can be a waste space and money. Equipment that can be used for many exercises and body parts is best, such as suspension trainers and adjustable dumbbells.

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