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Is Kygo The King of Tropical House Music?


The Norwegian Dj/house producer and songwriter has taken over the airwaves for years now. Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll as he is originally called is from Bergen; which is known for being gloomy and rainy. This does not stop him from putting out music that makes you think of hammocks and beaches. The kind of music he makes can be classified under the genre ‘Tropical house’. Some critics have been disputing if he really is the king of Tropical house music, if the music he makes is even tropical house or just slowed down EDM or techno.

Kygo rose to fame in 2014 after releasing the song ‘Younger’ which was a remix he did for Seinabo Sey (a Swedish Singer). Younger grew to be big hit and was number one in Sweden, Norway and other countries in Europe. He made other remixes for other A-list singers including Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Mavin Gaye, The xx, Passenger and so on. He did all these before releasing his debut album ‘Cloud Nine’ in the year of 2016.


One major characteristic of his sound is his avid use of vocal chops and the slowed tempo. You can tell he pays attention to melodies and not just the usual repetitive sound of Electronic dance music. He has put out two albums since Cloud Nine; Kids in Love and Golden Hour. Golden Hour is the most recent one. This album was released in the middle of a global pandemic. Kygo had to throw a full blown concert from his backyard in Bergen, Norway. You could watch it anywhere as it was available to be streamed from all parts of the world on YouTube.

How did Kygo become King of Tropical House Music?

Kygo truly cemented his title as the king of tropical house when he made the song ‘Higher Love’. The song featured vocals from the legendary Whitney Houston. He also put out another single with the Queen of Disco; Donna Summers which is dubbed ‘Hot Stuff’. These two songs showcased his unusual talent for spinning old records in new and modern songs.

He has truly rode fame well. He continues to put out amazing music and we are loyal fans at Monstajamss.

Listen to some of his music:


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