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Portable x Poco Lee ft Olamide – Zazoo Zehh (Official Video). Watch Here

Zazoo! Zehh!

Everybody is jamming this latest song from upcoming artist named Portable. He has teamed up with superstar dancer and social media personality Poco lee and of course the one and only Olamide.

Watch Portable x Poco Lee ft Olamide – Zazoo Zehh Official Video Here:

This is one of the hottest jams to hit the air waves and we are happy to see how Olamide supports upcoming artists. The name of the song has even been turned to some kind of call and response. It has also doubled up as a greeting between friends. You can say zazoo and someone replies you with zehh. It is such a fun thing to witness and we love to see it. It is also a club jam and you can hear it blasting from speakers nationwide and even worldwide.

Some people are coming out to say the song is overhyped? Do you think so? Let us know in the comments.

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