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Post Malone and the Weeknd go head to head in new video – One Right Now.

Post Malone and the Weeknd are not new names in the music industry. They have individually created amazing music that have topped charts in the past and now they have come together to create a master piece. The name of the new song is ‘One Right Now’.

the weeknd and post malone

The music video is currently number twenty-six (26) on trending for music on Youtube. It was also number six (6) on the Billboard 200 when the song first debuted. The song has gotten roughly 100 million streams in less than two weeks. Watch the music video below:

The music video has a dark theme which goes very well with 80’s inspired synth-pop sound. Post Malone is dressed in all white while the weeknd is dressed in all black. The weeknd takes the first verse while Mr Post takes the second.

post malone and the weekend

Post Malone and the Canadian bad boy are both holding guns which they use to shoot at each other in a fight to the death manner. They literally go head to head in this music video as the video ends with Post Malone dramatically receiving a bullet in his head.



Have you watched the video? What are your thoughts?

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