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Top Ten(10) Coldplay Songs Of All Time.

Top Ten(10) Coldplay songs that might kick start your love for the brand are what I have for you today. This particular band does not need much introduction as they have succeeded in having a long and healthy career. The band consists of five(5) members and they have been friends for the longest time. Every single one of them met at the University College London where they were all undergraduate students.

Members of the band include vocalist and pianist Chris Martin, guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman, drummer Will Champion and creative director Phil Harvey.

Let’s get right into their top 10 songs of all time, starting with

1.  Yellow

This song was released in 2000 off the album Parachute. Real OG’s will know this song, but I can’t speak for the reception when it was first released because I was just two years old but I’m sure it was all the rave then.

2. Clocks

Released in 2002 off the ‘A rush of blood to the head’ album, clocks is such an iconic song in the sense that the lyrics are still quite relatable twenty years later.

3. The Scientist

This song has been remixed by different people, used in different movies and It was released the same time as clocks.

4. Fix You

Fix you has made it to the top ten(10) Coldplay songs of all time and it deserves this spot. This song is from the X&Y album released in 2005.

5. Viva la Vida:

Coming in at the fifth spot is Viva la Vida from the album Viva la Vida or death and all her friends. It was released in 2008.

6. Paradise

She dreamed of para, para, paradise .. A popular song that shook the planet in 2011. It is off the album ‘Mylo Xyloto’. It is rumoured that the name of the album has no meaning and they picked it because nothing pops up when you google it.

Top Ten(10) Coldplay Songs of All Time.

7. Magic

The chords of this song are divine. You will always find yourself humming along to the song. Magic is off the track Ghost Stories which was released in 2014.

8. A Head Full Of Dreams

Off the same named album, this song was released in 2015 and it has been a hit ever since.

9. Champion of The World

The lyrics of this song are so relatable and I bet you’ll enjoy it. Champion of the world was released in 2019 off the album ‘Everyday life’.

10. Higher Power

This song is off their latest album ‘Music of the Spheres’ which was released last year, 2021. Higher power is up-beat and will have you dancing and jumping. Coldplay has released several videos of different versions of this on their YouTube Channel, you should check it out.


We hope you have enjoyed our recommendations. More Top Ten’s coming your way!


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