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Tyga, Doja Cat – Freaky Deaky. Listen + Official Video.

Tyga & Doja Cat have collaborated to give us a song which they have titled ‘Freaky Deaky’. They have also released amazing visuals for the track and we have it ready for you to watch. Doja is known globally as a very talented rapper, dancer, and songwriter and it is safe to say she delivered on this track. These two superstar artists have created music in the past, a mere two years ago with a song dubbed ‘Juicy’.

Listen to Tyga, Doja Cat – Freaky Deaky:

Watch The Official Video:

The whole theme of the song is pretty obvious. Sexy, sensual and Spicy. The lyrics might be a bit too suggestive for most people. Doja is clad in sexy apparel and wear the outfit associated with the controversial BDSM (*wink wink). If you don’t understand what that means a simple google search will help you. Enough talk, it is infact a great song and we hope you enjoy it.

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