UnitedHealthcare Review


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UnitedHealthcare is a multinational managed healthcare and insurance company based in Minnesota. It offers health care products and services through its subsidiaries. Its name implies that it focuses on the medical industry. Its mission is to provide affordable health care to people throughout the world. Although the company has several subsidiaries, it is headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota.


UnitedHealthcare is an insurance and managed care company based in Minnetonka, Minnesota. UnitedHealthcare provides insurance products and services to people around the world. Its products include health insurance and individual and small group medical plans. Its mission is to provide better health care and better quality of life for its members.

Despite the company’s success, UnitedHealthcare Group continues to face significant challenges. For one, it has to adapt to a constantly changing regulatory environment, including the Affordable Care Act. The organization must position itself to address changes in regulation, especially in light of the highly-contentious political climate. It also faces threats from cyber-attacks and information breaches.

The company provides Medicare prescription drug plans and health insurance for individuals and employers. The company partners with 1.3 million doctors and over 6500 hospitals and health care facilities throughout the United States and Canada. It also has over 125,000 employees. It also offers health maintenance organization (HMO) and exclusive provider organization (EPO) plans. It offers health insurance coverage directly to individuals in 18 states and through employer-sponsored health insurance plans in other parts of the country.

Lewin Group

The Lewin Group is a health care consulting firm, with expertise in human services and health policy. It provides strategy advice to public and private organizations. It is owned by the UnitedHealth Group and Optum. It does not advocate for or against any specific policy, but provides data analysis and policy research. Its CEO is Lisa Chimento, who has broad experience in Medicaid and health care policy.

The Lewin Group has been a trusted source for healthcare analysis for 40 years and has maintained a reputation for unbiased analysis. However, the firm recently became affiliated with the UnitedHealth Group and its subsidiary, Ingenix. Although the group is owned by UnitedHealth, the Lewin Group continues to claim editorial independence. Lewin’s website and reports state this.

UnitedHealth has made large campaign contributions to Bennett’s campaign. Its political action committee has given over $1.6 million to lawmakers since 2007, and Lewin has given nearly $8,000 to Bennett.