What Is the Health Department?

health department

The health department is an important agency that works to keep communities safe from public health hazards. They ensure that food and water are safe to consume and provide education about health concerns. Their mission also includes responding to health emergencies. The department also distributes important health alerts during times of public health crisis. To learn more about the health department and the services it provides, continue reading!

Mission of Niagara County Department of Health

The mission of the Niagara County Department of Health is to promote community health and prevent disease. As the county’s public health agency, the department provides leadership in community assessment, develops policies and practices in accordance with public health law, and promotes a disease-free environment. The department is also responsible for providing information on its services and policies.

The department’s services include the provision of care for adults with serious mental illness. This population can have difficulty accessing case management and housing services. By providing a single point of access, the department provides a coordinated service delivery system and improves access to services. It also promotes consumer involvement and movement between appropriate levels of care.

In addition to health care services, the department also administers a program for children and young adults with disabilities. The program’s goal is to promote the development of these individuals and to foster their integration into the community. This division’s staff is committed to working with parents to improve the development of their children.

Mission of Hamilton County Division of Public Health

The Mission of the Hamilton County Division of Public Health is to create a healthy environment where everyone can live and thrive. The division strives to achieve this by leading a diverse team and continuously improving services and programs. There are many opportunities for those with diverse skill sets. Some roles require independent self-starters with technical skills, others require an individual with strong work ethics and a positive attitude.

The Hamilton County Division of Public Health is governed by a five-member Board of Health and the Health Commissioner. The Board of Health adopts rules, regulations, policies, and resolutions that affect public health. The Health Commissioner performs the day-to-day functions of the division.

The Hamilton County Division of Public Health is led by Greg Kesterman, an experienced public health professional. The organization has a $17 million operating budget and serves over 480,000 residents in 45 political jurisdictions across Southwestern Ohio. The department’s services include epidemiology, immunizations, tuberculosis control, food safety inspection, licensing, emergency preparedness, and education.

Mission of the Hamilton County Division of Public Health

The mission of the Hamilton County Division of Public Health is to protect and promote the health of the residents of Hamilton County. In order to achieve this goal, the department works with other agencies, health care professionals, and community organizations. Its efforts focus on preventing and controlling communicable diseases and protecting the environment. It also offers education and prevention services and assists targeted high-risk groups.

The division works to promote a culture of health in Hamilton County through education and community engagement. It also seeks to reduce obesity and encourage physical activity. It also works with community partners to implement community-based weight-loss initiatives. Its goals include enhancing the capacity of the division and its services.

One such initiative is WeTHRIVE!, which was launched in Hamilton County in 2009. The initiative began with 50 people in three communities and has since grown to serve 189,000 residents in 19 communities. The program focuses on building healthier communities and is rooted in sustainable thinking. Hamilton County Public Health has also received three national grants to support its efforts. The grants are funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.